A downloadable game for Windows

No Time for Rest is non-stop action shooter game where every level is harder and harder . Enemies are every wave stronger and faster and you are going to die a lot! Do you think you can beat this game ? I don´t think so . You will be happy if you beat first 10 levels. Post a comment how far did you get :)

Known Bugs :

-If you have problems with clicking try again , menu and rage quit button. Move cursor little bit bellow this buttons .

-If you experiencing with low fps , set on options menu fullscreen on every time when you start the game.


- balanced levels

Install instructions

1. Download WinRar file

2. Extract files



No Time for Rest 1.0.2.rar 17 MB
No Time for Rest 1.1.0.rar 17 MB


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Very good game 

I really enjoyed this 30 minutes of playing it constantly without a break! It is really fun and challenging. It makes you play it again just to see what gun and what level you get next! Very nice graphics and I like the music! Game looks pretty! I love how game keeps you away from camping. I'd love to see it progress if that is your plan with this game. For 1 week it looks awesome!

These below are my opinions on the current game state. Things in the brackets are stuff that you could add/fix if you want to continue developing it "outside" of this game jam. If you are not planning to continue it, then you should focus on the rating rather then comments.

Gameplay : 9.3/10 (could use more features like power-ups and etc. Maybe adding stuff like seasons where the background changes per level)

Music: 8.8/10 (maybe some other tracks?)

Graphics: 8.5/10 (I wouldn't add nor change anything around graphics that much)

EXTRA: I'm liking those meme sounds effects you got there :D.

Thank you for your feedback :) Yes i will continue developing this game,  still have some stuff to fix and balance.  Maybe i will  add new weapons and levels :)